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Nouns, adjectives and verbs

•In this picture the whiteboard shows us that :
•A noun is an object.
•A proper noun is a name.
•A proper noun starts with a capital letter E.G Luke or Josh.
•A verb is a doing word or an action E.G Run, Play or Type
•An adjective is a describing word. E.G Blue, Smelly or Dumb

2 different types of nouns

•A pronoun, as it states in the picture is a noun that replaces a proper noun. So for instants if you wrote "Chloe broke it." You might say "She broke it." Pronouns don't start with a capital letter!!!

•An abstract noun (which is slightly harder to remember) is a noun that you can't see like a feeling or an emotion. For example the sentence "I love her." contains a:
•Proper noun- I
•An abstract noun- Love
•A pronoun- Her

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