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Simple addition

With basic adding, as shown here you can use your fingers.

The sum here is 5+2. On one hand we have 5 fingers and on the other we have 5. So all we need to do is count on 2 from 5 and you're done. Works on more too. Try these:

  1. 3+4
  2. 5+2
  3. 2+1
  4. 2+3
  5. 3+1

Advanced addition

In this addition sum we see that we have to add 123 and 123. There are two ways of approaching this question, although I will take you through one. 

  1. Put 123 above 123 and put a plus sign next to the bottom one.
  2. Firstly you have to add 3 to 3. You need to write the answer underneath the two threes =6
  3. Secondly you have to add the 2's (20+20 just you don't write it like that) together, and write the answer underneath =4
  4. Finally add the 1's (100+100) together and write the answer underneath= 2    
 Hey presto you're done, the answer is 246, how easy was that, next time we'll go into carrying!

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